Guiding Impetus

Guiding Impetus

  1. Voluntary participation and enjoyment of the learning process. Self-help and learning to respect diversity and ways of natural harmony.
  2. Getting to know others with similar interests and engaging in mutual exchange. Self-directed objectives and improvement based on one's own growth, not on comparison with others. Learning by doing and continually trying out new ways to improve.
  3. Continually working hard to actualize objectives and patiently await results.

Anyone who agrees with Taiwan Greenschool objectives and is willing to create a Greenschool can participate, including teachers, administration, students, parents, community members, professionals or groups, the department of education and environmental protection or other central agencies.

Partners / Active Partners

Those who agree with Greenschool concepts can fill out the online application form-first-time Partners will receive a Seed of Hope upon entry. Active Partners must fill out the online self-evaluation form regarding her/his school, describe their understanding of circumstances at the school, and propose a way to make an improvement. The Partner then continues with environmental improvements and environmental education, in each case submit a report sharing her/his experience with other Partners. With each action report, Active Partners will be presented with a Tree of Hope and thereafter with leaves, flowers, fruits and eventually a whole forest.