Greenschool emphasizes core development of ecological thought, humanistic concern and active learning in the following four areas.

  1. Administration:Through education and democratic participation, Greenschool participants learn about and improve life and spacial design to create school grounds that are in harmony with the environment and that nurture environmental consciousness and collective actions by both teachers and students.
  2. Facilities:As for spacial design, an ideal Greenshool's architecture and environmental management are in agreement with low pollution, ecology and education demands. Facilities are appropriately designed for local environmental conditions and provide opportunities for participation, planning and maintenance by both students and teachers.
  3. Curriculum:A Greenschool plans and designs its school's own environmental education instructional materials. EE planning emphasizes life, land and active education as well as encourages outdoor hands-on learning activities. Education on environmental issues is implemented by integrating many areas of study and exploring values.
  4. School Life:Teachers and students learn to appreciate and adopt lifestyles that are more in tune with nature, as well as foster responsible behavior to protect the environment. This includes energy conservation, pollution prevention, and efficient use of resources to benefit society, so as to create an atmosphere of mutual support for environmental conservation.