Cooperative Programs

Related Programs

The Greenschool Partnership Program is one of four different projects that make up the Taiwan Greenschool Program, which is sponsored by Ministry of Education. The following chart shows the relationship of these four projects

  1. County & City Greenschool Promotion Plan
  2. Environmental Education Program Modules for Teacher Training Institutes
  3. Professional Spacial Design Team for Green Campus Projects
  4. Greenschool Partnership Program - Greenschool Central Office

Greenschool Programs Abroad

Greenschools are gradually sprouting up all over the world. China's Greenschools and Europe's Eco-schools are comprehensive school programs that have set paradigms for the "Greenschool" name. Canada has developed a similar "Seedschool" program. As encouragement, Taiwan Greenschool gives the name "Greenschool" to any school that is working hard at achieving Greenschool objectives. Similar programs are also underway in the Americas, Japan, and Australia.