Through education and democratic participation, Greenschool participants learn about and improve life and spacial design to create school grounds that are in harmony with the environment and that nurture environmental consciousness and collective actions by both teachers and students.


Little money is required to establish a Greenschool, and schools are strongly encouraged to apply wisdom and creativity so as to reuse and respect material resources and make sure that more people have access to them. We encourage making full use of and integrating existing human and material resources to mutually support action toward caring for people and the environment.

Benefits of transforming your school into a Greenschool

  1. Education methods are more flexible, more effective, and are based more on real life and our surrounding environment.
  2. Participants are bound to experience personal growth, and learn environmental knowledge, ideology and action.
  3. School areas can become more localized, diversified, in tune with ecology and the human role therein. Schools can become places that foster concepts of sustainable ecology.
  4. Schools can decrease costs on energy, resources, and waste management.
  5. Schools can decrease the harm caused by pollution emissions and environmental disasters.
  6. Schools can undertake long-term projects to establish data on environmental management, which can be used in environmental improvement planning, and can assist schools when looking for funding for improvement projects.
  7. School environments will be improved and the principal and teachers will receive more support from students, parents and the community.
  8. Schools will establish many action partnerships and have a support channel for further actions.
Tree house growth process